Specialized Medical Insurance for Small Groups & Solo Insureds.

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Hear us out: We know insurance isn’t sexy, but staying healthy and financially secure is.

As a veteran-owned business, we understand the importance of providing quality health insurance to our clients. Whether you are an individual, a business owner, or an employee, we specialize in helping you find the best medical plan for your needs and budget. We can also help you reduce or eliminate your out-of-pocket costs by utilizing State Tax Credits and other incentives.

Our personal service is exceptional and tailored to your specific situation. Call us at 928.965.9819 today and let us take care of your health insurance needs. 

~ Rodney & Leann

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Medical Insurance

Our company provides comprehensive health care coverage, including major medical plans from Aetna, BlueCross Blue Shield, United Health Care, Signa, and Humana.

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